Relevant policy

Here are some policies in the general area of policing and mental health that might provide some useful background to the CONNECT project. The policies come from a variety of sources, include the Care Quality Commission, the Department of Health and the National Police Chiefs’ Council. It also includes the declaration and action plan for York and North Yorkshire for the Mental Health Crisis Care Concordat.

Adebowale, V. (2013) Independent Commission on Mental Health and Policing Report.

Bradley, K. (2009) The Bradley Report: Lord Bradley’s Review of People with Mental Health Problems or Learning Disabilities in the Criminal Justice System.

Care Quality Commission (2015) Monitoring the Mental Health Act in 2014-15.

College of Policing (2016) Authorised Professional Practice – Mental Health.

Department of Health (2010) Healthy Lives, Healthy People: Our Strategy for Public Health in England.

House of Commons (2015) Policing and Mental Health. Eleventh Report of Session 2014-15.

HM Government (2011) No Health Without Mental Health: A Cross-government Mental Health Outcomes Strategy for People of all Ages.

HM Government (2014) Review of the Operation of Sections 135 and 136 of the Mental Health Act 1983: Review Report and Recommendations.

HM Government (2014) Mental Health Crisis Care Concordat: Improving Outcomes for People Experiencing Mental Health Crisis.

HM Government (2015) Mental Health Crisis Care Concordat, York.

HMIC (2015) The Welfare of Vulnerable People in Custody.

National Police Chiefs’ Council (2016) National Strategy for Police Custody.

National Police Chiefs’ Council (2017) Policing Vision 2025.