New Article published in PLOS One!

Research by members of the Connect team: ‘Implementing mental health training programmes for non-mental health trained professionals: A qualitative synthesis’ has been published in PlosOne journal!

The article reviews qualitative evidence on views and experiences of non-mental health professionals receiving mental health training and the barriers and facilitators to training delivery and implementation.

The review was conducted as part of the broader systematic review of mental health training for non-mental health trained professionals. The review of quantitative evidence on the effectiveness of mental health training interventions for non-mental health qualified professionals can be read here

The review identifies a range of barriers and facilitators to training related to: the delivery and content of training; the use of additional resources; and staff willingness to engage with training and organisational factors.  It also discusses the perceived impact of training, the value of training and how to measure impact.

The review’s findings have implications for those designing, implementing and evaluating mental health training programmes. The research team recommends that research evaluating mental health training includes a qualitative component to ensure that the barriers and facilitators to training and its impact on trainees’ perceptions of mental health are understood.

The full abstract and article can be read here