Connect Executive Summary Published

28 November 2017

The Connect Executive Summary: Evidence-based policing practices for working with individuals experiencing mental health difficulties is now available to view.

The Executive Summary provides a detailed overview of the key research findings and recommendations from across the five research streams.

Key findings include:

  1. Improvements are required in how the police record, store and share data. Without this, it is difficult to truly assess the costs of mental health on policing. A review of police systems and how mental vulnerability is recorded is recommended.
  2. Mental health training for frontline officers, developed specifically for North Yorkshire Police and delivered by mental health professionals, improved officers’ knowledge and confidence in identifying and responding to people with mental health problems and in referring individuals to mental health services and other relevant agencies.
  3. Research methods training improved attendees’ skills, knowledge and understanding of research methods. This could lead to increased understanding, undertaking and/or commissioning of research within North Yorkshire Police to support the wider use and understanding of evidence-based practice.
  4. Improved partnership in the provision of mental health services needs a single line of authority and better sharing of budgets. This has great potential in improving the use of police time.
  5. Randomised control trials have the potential for effective evaluation of training interventions in the police setting.
  6. Co-production of training and research is mutually beneficial and increases the quality of the outputs
  7. The provision of a Master’s level programme is beneficial both to the Police and for developing further collaboration between the Police and University

The summary also includes a series of recommendations for North Yorkshire Police, partners and the broader community of policymakers.

Further information:

The Connect partnership between the University of York and North Yorkshire Police (NYP) aimed to improve the way that NYP and other agents deal with incidents involving people with mental health problems.

The Connect Executive Summary can be downloaded here